About the Gallery


The Claire Noel Gallery has been founded in 2014. The Art paintings and Handicrafts are all signed by the gallery owner Vedrana Božić.

Wanting to make her paintings more affordable to the general public, Vedrana began to create cabochon pendants featuring her artwork and launched a jewellery brand called Claire Noel.

Later, jewellery making was expanded by personalized Photo Pendants and pearl Necklaces with pressed flower Brooches (but also leaves, shells, stones, antique watch parts etc) .

Art paintings are the very base of all the items  found in the gallery today, and the offer is wider every day. Some paintings are made into stories, like the ones featured in the pendants, but also made into souvenirs like mugs, T-shirts, tote bags etc.

One of the Claire Noel’s trademarks have definitely become the sentimental paintings of Angels ( #noelsangels ) as well as Personalized Portrait Illustrations ( #personalizirajse ).

Customers who cannot visit us can order online as we are  SHIPPING WORLDWIDE and are always available on social networks!

The focus is on Personalized! Such gift is truly unique and that is the message we want you to take home  from the Claire Noel Gallery.

#noelsangels #personalizirajse

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